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Krystal Drop is a free clone of an excellent NeoGeo puzzle game, Magical Drop.

What are the rules?

In Krystal Drop, you play on a field on which lines of gems are being dropped by the top of the screen, at a regular basis, or when your opponent makes a combo.
You can take or drop gems from the bottom of the screen to make gems disappear. If you move gems in order to create a vertical alignment of at least three gems of the same colour, they will burst and start a chain reaction with all neighbouring matching gems. The aim is to prepare some other chain reactions while the first gems are bursting, in order to make a combo and send lines to your opponent. You lose when some gems reach the bottom of the field.

Ok, so this is just one more (disguised) clone of Tetris, isn't it ?

No, it is not. Apart from the different concept, the main difference with Tetris is that the game is quite fast. No round will last more than one minute. We believe it's much more fun than Tetris, and it's cute !
We plan to implement the different version of the game the original game has: Challenge versus the computer, Survival Mode, or Magical Journey (a mix between Challenge, Survival and the Snakes&Ladders board game).
We also plan to do a highly customizable game, where game and music could be interchangeable easily.

Is Krystal Drop free?

Yes ! Krystal Drop is released under the GPL license. This means it is free, and you can download and modify it if you want, as long as it stays under the GPL license. Check the links section for more info about GPL.

So that sounds pretty cool! Where can I download it?

Just click on the download tab, on the left menu ;) The game is still in development stage. But we're looking for some help, especially from some graphists and musicians !

Can I customize the game ?

Yes you can, you can virtually change every image, sprite, sound and music in the game as long as you use the same file format (png for graphics..). That way, you can choose the art you like. We encourage anybody to provide his/her own set of graphics and/or musics !
We are also concerned about developing a engine flexible enough to clone another similar Magical Drop game, called Money Puzzle Exchanger, whose rules are quite similar. Have a look here ( or here but beware, it's a pop-up website :/ ).

And what will I need to run the game?

Any PC under Windows, BeOS or Linux will be fine.
The source code should run under MacOS without too many problems, but unfortunately we had not the opportunity to test it yet. (hint for some help, wink wink :) )
We tried to write portable code. We are using the great SDL library so it should not be too much of a pain to port it on other platforms.