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Krystal Drop is well under way, but far from being finished! We've got plenty of ideas, plenty of things to add to the game and... we need help!  


Hum, this Web-site is certainly pretty, with all this black and those rainbow colors, but... well... mmm.... could it be better? If any nice web-designer out there was willing to make us a wonderful web-site, with a lot more sections, artworks, a forum... well you know, a real web-site in fact ;).


Thanks to immp, Krystal Drop is a cute game. We've got plenty of nice graphics but guess what.... we need much much more. Especially, we need:

  • A nice logo
  • Animated graphics for the characters
  • A lot of artwork for the web-site and for a nice intro
  • Many backgrounds (one for each character)

So if you are a 2D graphist and wish to help, you're welcome! Only keep in mind one thing! Graphisms have to be cute (kawaï in fact)

Musical arts

We've still got plenty of good musics, nice tunes and I'm sure you noticed. And yes... we need more! One music per character would be perfect! The music should match the character's personality. You can send us your musics in MID, OGG, WAV, or last resort, MP3.

Digital Voices

We also need voices for all the characters. Currently, only a few characters have voices. If you have a nice voice (preferably high tuned for most characters) and wish to record a few lines, you're welcome!


Krystal Drop has been programmed in a cross-platform way that should enable it to run on many different platforms. But we can't build packages for that much platforms. In fact, packaging applications is time consumming and we would need some help to build packages for platforms we don't have. Especially, we are looking for someone willing to build RPMs for KrystalDrop future releases, or why not, someone willing to try compiling Krystal Drop for MacOS!

Who Shall I Contact

If you want to help us make Krystal Drop the best puzzle game in the whole galaxy (I'm sure with your help it will be ;) ), just send a mail to both:

  • krys (core engine), mailto: 'krys at dryadis dot org'
  • arak (video/sound engine, interfacing), mailto: 'negrier at eleves dot enpc dot fr'