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Version 0.7.2 is released

You will need both the binaries according to your OS (Windows or Linux), and the data files (independant of the OS). The Windows Installer and the pre-compiled packages (Program Section) provide both.
If you want to compile your own version, you will need the source tarball and the art files, as various libraries as well, including SDL and libxml2. Pre-compiled binaries have been compiled with OpenGL support and sound support.

  • Krystal Drop v0.7, Full installer for Windows (exe + data files). Version 0.7.2 has not yet been packaged for Windows.
  • Pre-compiled packages can be found here. Thanks to Richard June for his Red Hat 9 package, and Shard for his BeOS package. Debian packages are also available. Note that for now, Red Hat packages are still versioned 0.6. Any help for packaging Krystal Drop 0.7.2 for RedHat is welcome. 

Data files
The art files should be stored in the art/ directory. If you want to, you can check the md5 checksums of the art directory here.

Source code

You can also download the source from the CVS repository:
cvs login
(no password)
cvs -z3 co krystaldrop

You can also browse the CVS repository online here.

Library requirements
If you plan on compiling KrystalDrop by yourself, you will need the following libraries:
  • libsdl (>= 1.2.5)
  • libsdl-image (>= 2.3.2)
  • libsdl-mixer (>= 1.2.3)
  • libsdl-ttf2.0 (>= 1.2.5)
  • libxml2 (>= 2.5.7)
  • libgl/mesa
  • libz (1.1.4)

The version numbers between brackets are library versions that are known to work. Earlier versions are likely to work though.