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Note the project is stopped due to a lack of interest, but you are free to continue it (thanks to GPL). It is fun while it lasted. A *big* thank you to everybody who contributed to this project!
Project creation

The development of the core engine (moving gems, collisions) is almost done.

Version 0.3 has been released. Survival mode has almost fully been implemented.
We finally released version 0.6 ! Two great innovations in this version: OpenGL support (increases the frames per second rate, and allows some blending and color effects), and the two players mode game ! Some annoying bugs have been fixed too. Moreover, we have added a configuration file, some musics, and some sounds. Pre-compiled Linux packages for Red Hat and Debian, and executable installer for Windows are available on the download page.
Krystal Drop won the 3rd prize at the "Concours Jeu Libre 2003", a French contest for Open-Source and Free Games organized by the French Research Ministry!
Version 0.7 of Krystal Drop has been released. The kernel has been seriously changed, and is now built upon a LGPL graphic framework for SDL-over-OpenGL, KDpp. Some characters now have voices, thanks to a few contributors. A notable improvement is the introduction of a configuration screen for the keyboard, and a comprehensive use of XML to control resources. Network is not yet available. We will now work on a better packaging of art resources, and on networking.
Needless to say, we are still looking for graphists, composers and digital voices ;). Come and join us!